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Bakery Production Equipment supplies all the bakery machines and equipment that your bakery will need.

Tortilla – Pita – Bagel and Pizza Equipment.

— Tortilla Equipment —

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(never used) Corn tortilla system

Manufacture: TUBC
Consisting of the following pieces:
Dough Mixer
Masa Feeder
2 Head sheeter
Gas corn tortilla Oven
Hood with Fire suppression
5 tier cooling conveyor
(no counter-stacker)
Production Rate 350 – 500 Dozen per hr.







Complete Corn Tortilla system:
by Superior, which includes:
Masa Feeder (never used)
2 Across Sheeter Head
Gas corn tortilla Oven
Cooling conveyor
Counter stacker
This System is only 5 years old, & in good working condition
Production rate is: between depending on the thickness
650 up to 1100 dozen per hr.




Globe Horizontal Mixer:

Sigma blade
5-7 years of age
excellent condition
200 – 250# of Wet Masa




JC Ford Corn Tortilla system

Production approx. 1000# per Hr.
2 Head Sheeter
Gas Corn Tortilla Oven
7 tiered cooling conveyor
Counter Stacker
manuf. new in 1998





Lawrence 9 Pocket “Dual” Flour Tortilla Line.

Manufactured 1997,One Owner. well maintained & operating now. Video below presently making Tortillas.
Due to be taken out in Nov. Inspection by appointment only.

It includes:

Dough Lift
Dough Chunker
1 Divider-Rounder 9 pocket
1 Overhead Proofer 9 pocket across
2- Loaders
2- 32 X 32 Dough Press
2- Gas Flour Tortilla Ovens
2- Cooling Conveyors
2- Counter Stackers

Attaching a video just taken in Oct. 17, being removed now. 17.

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Lawrence 9 Pocket Dual Flour Tortilla Line (video link)

Used (Tortilla Chip) Line.

Used only 5 years. And only 3 days out of the week.

It is made of of the following pieces:

Superior Infeed Conveyor
Superior Gas Fryer, model CF 250, rated at 250# per hr.
Dean Oil filter

Still at the plant, but not being used. Can be inspected at the plant.




Tiered cooling conveyor for Tortillas:
36″ Wide, x 16′ Long





Working good when removed from the Bakery: Consists of the following pieces.
Quad 4 across Sheeter Head
Gas Corn tortilla Oven
Tiered Cooling Conveyor





— Pita Equipment —


New Custom made for your needs & space: PITA BREAD SYSTEM
Manufacture: Bimatic
Dough Divider-Rounder
Primary Proofer
dough flattner
Final Proofer
Gas Tunnel Oven
Cooling conveyor: Can be made for the space available.
Fork Mixers also available
complete, NEW, Shipped & Installed with Warranty. At a Great Price.
Also individual pieces available.

Production Rate is: 6″ up to 10″ Pitas
Dough divider
Intermediate Proofer
Dough Flattner
final Proofer
Oven Cooling Conveyor





Set-Up for Demo, barely used.
Production Rate is 5″ up to 15″ at 1,500 pph
Dough Divider
Intermediate Proofer
Cross Sheeter
Gas Oven
Cooling conveyor


—Pizza Equipment—

Used AM Pizza Press

Modsel Toro 4684
Manuf. 2009

Production Rate 200 up to 5,000 pizzas per hour, depending on the size.